Clip-on Toilet Seat Raiser: KA420S/L

Designed to assist those that have difficulty using a standard toilet, this K•Care Small Toilet Seat Raiser has a weight capacity of 200 Kg and increases the toilet seat height by 60 or 100 mm. 

It has an ergonomic shape for comfort and adjustable locating brackets that allow it to suit most toilet pedestals. 

The toilet seat raiser is made from polypropylene for durability.


Product Code  Description 
KA420S  K•Care Clip-on Toilet Seat Raiser with no Lid, 60 mm high, White
KA420L  K•Care Clip-on Toilet Seat Raiser with no Lid, 100 mm high, White  



  • Ergonomic shape for comfort
  • Adjustable locating brackets to suit most pedestal toilets



  KA420S    KA420L 
Maximum Occupant Weight  

200 Kg**

Seat Height  

60 mm

100 mm



* Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. 
** CAUTION: This weight capacity may be reduced by the strength of the toilet pedestal.