New Shower Commode Castor

New product, K Care Healthcare Equipment


We are pleased to announce that our shower commodes will now be supplied with superior quality and innovative Tente castors.  These castors will be progressively introduced onto our shower commodes over the next few months.

The key features of these castors are:

  • Housing and tyre constructed from non-corrosive high grade synthetic material
  • Full roller bearing for easier castor wheel movement
  • High load bearing head race for easier castor swivel
  • Moulded non corrosive brake tongue
  • Non marking and low noise tyre
  • Improved aesthetics.
  • Tested to comply with Australian shower commodes standards.

As mentioned all shower commodes will be supplied with these castors, however to order these castors as spare parts please use the following codes:

  • KS90038  Total lock castor (Tente)
  • KS90036  Swivel castor (Tente)

The previously supplied KS90029 total lock castor and KS90028 swivel castor are superseded by these castors and will not be available once current stock is exhausted.