Overbed Table (Tilting Top) – KH163


kh163_1213Features of all three Over Bed Table include:

  • A sturdy frame with a SWL of 25 kg
    for safety and durability
  • A recessed top made from high quality MDF
    with vacuum laminating for strength and durability
  • An ergonomic handle that make it very easy
    to adjust the height of the table
  • A safe-lifting mechanism that allows the top
    to lift without using the handle, ensuring that users do not accidentally get trapped under the table when raising the bed
  • An ABS cover on the Base Frame for improved aesthetics and easier cleaning
  • 55 mm diameter castors that make the table easy to manoeuvre

The tilting top on the KH163 can be set at angles of 24°, 31°, 37°, 42° and 48°.
The Over Bed Tables are flat-packed, making it more economical and safer to transport.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

KH162 | Recessed Top
900 x 425 x 720-1040 mm (Beige)

KH163 | Recessed Top that tilts
700 x 425 x 195-400 mm (Beige)

KH164 | Recessed Top
900 x 425 x 720-1040 mm (Off White)