Potty Chair, Mobile: KA150AM/JM/CM

Designed to assist those that have difficulty using a standard commode, this K•Care Mobile Adult Potty Chair has a weight capacity of 120 Kg and a seat width of 490 mm. 

The moulded seat provides comfort, security and support to occupants and is easily cleaned. The height can be easily adjusted to fit over most toilets. There are integrated arms to provide support to users while sitting and an integrated pommel with pelvic strap for safety. 

125 mm castors make the unit easy to manoeuvre. 

The potty chair is durable with an epoxy powder coated zinc treated mild steel frame and moulded PVC seat.

It is also available in Junior and Child Sizes


Product Code   Description 
KA150AM  K•Care Mobile Potty Chair, Adult with Pelvic Strap and Bowl  

K•Care Mobile Potty Chair, Junior with Pelvic Strap and Bowl  

KA150CM  K•Care Mobile Potty Chair, Child with Pelvic Strap and Bowl  



  • Adjustable height to fit over most toilets
  • Integrated arms to provide support when sitting
  • Moulded seat for comfort and support
  • Integrated pommel for safety
  • Pelvic strap for safety
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Options include:
  • Chest strap for added safety
  • Adjustable height fold-up foot plate for added comfort and support
  • Adjustable height fold-up foot rests for added comfort and support
  • Locking castors for the rear







Maximum Occupant Weight  

120 Kg

100 Kg

80 Kg

Seat Width 

490 mm

370 mm

310 mm

Seat Height

  575-745 mm 

  505-675 mm 

  475-645 mm 

Front Castors

125 mm diameter, locking

Rear Castors

125 mm diameter, swivel


Epoxy powder coated zinc treated mild steel, white


PVC, white

* Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.