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K Care Healthcare Equipment

K Care Healthcare Equipment is a wholly Australian owned business that manufactures and distributes Hospital, Residential Aged Care and Community Care equipment for the Australian and international markets.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, K Care Healthcare Equipment has established an extensive range of products that meet the rigours of the Hospital, Residential Aged Care and Community Care sectors.

K Care Healthcare Equipment consists of six brands. Each provides a comprehensive product suite to suit the various segments of the healthcare sector. These being:

  • OxfordEME – Equipment for hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and
    other point of care facilities.
  • Kerry – Hospital Equipment
  • K•Care – Aged Care, Rehabilitation and Community Care
  • Air Comfort – Pressure Management Seating
  • My Comfort – Aged Care Beds
  • My Mobility – Aged Care & Rehabilitation Mobility Products

Together these brands offer an extensive range of assistive technology equipment, aged care products, hospital and residential aged care (nursing home) equipment.

Established in 1976, as KDB Engineering, the company’s original two brands (K•Care and Kerry Equipment) became and continue to be market leaders in Australia. In 2002 the business was acquired by Australian public company Hills Holdings. In 2005 Air Comfort (McCann Smith) was acquired and in March 2009 all five brands were brought together under Hills Healthcare Equipment. Most recently, in February 2013, the business was acquired by private equity enterprise Anacacia Capital backed by the management team. In addition to K Care Healthcare Equipment, Anacacia Capital has a successful investment track record in business units operating in numerous industries including healthcare and distribution. Details of Anacacia can be found at www.anacacia.com.au.

In December 2013 the K Care range was boosted through the acquisition of market leading healthcare manufacturer OxfordEME. As an Australian company that designs and manufactures products, K Care has a fulltime Research & Development team consisting of 6 industrial designers and engineers tasked with developing new product and improving the design of existing product.

K Care Healthcare Equipment’s six brands are supported by a direct sales and support team in Western Australia and dealers throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. The business operates from five sites in Australia. These being:

  • Malaga WA Manufacturing, distribution, sales and administration
  • Eastern Creek & Lane Cove NSW Manufacturing, distribution, sales and administration
  • Melbourne VIC East coast sales and service office
  • Brisbane QLD East coast sales and service office

Our products are listed on the Federal Governments mandated Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The business is a member of ATSA (Assistive Technology Services Association) and has regular engagement with key assistive technology bodies throughout Australia.

To ensure you keep up to date with all the exciting developments at K Care Healthcare Equipment make sure you visit this website on a regular basis or contact us at orders@kcare.com.au to have your details added to our mailing list.