Carilex Pressure Care Solutions - training program

Thursday, 7 April 2022
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Since K Care announced the acquisition of Carilex Medical ANZ (a global leader in pressure care solutions) in December - we've been inundated with inquiries on the Carilex alternating air mattress solutions.

Our sales teams have been busily facilitating numerous on-site and virtual training sessions to ensure K Care dealers can confidently provide the right solution for their customers. 

The training program includes a short introductory session (approx. 30 mins)  and covers off core topics including 
  • Selecting a Carilex mattress 
  • Setting up an air mattress 
  • Positioning a user
  • Troubleshooting
Additional training can also be arranged that can be tailored to your individual needs. 

The training program can be delivered on-site or via Zoom - and are a terrific way to boost skills in this area of pressure care management.
To build on the Carilex knowledge base - we have two short videos that might be a good kick-starter if you are considering the Carilex range - or a great refresher if you've already undertaken the training sessions with your sales representative.

How to set up an air mattress
This brief explainer video demonstrates how to correctly set up an alternating air mattress - using the Centrius mattress and pump for demonstration purposes.
Setting up an air mattress video

Correct Patient Positioning
This video demonstrates the correct way to position a patient correctly - and how to check for "bottoming out".
Correct Patient Positioning video

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To book an on-site, or virtual training session on the Carilex mattress range - please contact Natalie Nati or 1300 732 004 today.