Great gift ideas for that someone special

We've got a great range of terrific gift ideas that are thoughtful and practical. Our range is designed to suit all budgets and put a smile on that someone special in your life.

Alivio Lift Recliner range
  • Powerful 4 motor configuration (3 motors for the Kahlo model)
  • Powered headrest, backrest, lumbar, and footrest
  • Hand controller with soft grip buttons
  • Ultra-durable fabric options with modern design aesthetics 
Link to the Alivio Range
Alivio Lift Chairs​​​

Air Comfort Lift Recliner - Titanium
  • Utilises the unique Air Comfort Seating system for long term pressure relief
  • Assisted electric sit, lift and recline function
  • VersoTela Theme material features a modern look and is easy to clean
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Air Comfort Compact Mobile Lift Chair Twin Motor - Titanium Large
Air Comfort Compact Mobile Lift Chair Twin Motor - Titanium Medium
Air Comfort Compact Mobile Lift Chair Twin Motor - Titanium Small
Air Comfort Compact Mobile Lift Chair Twin Motor - Titanium Petite​​​

Uccello Tipping Kettle 
  • Ideal for people with reduced grip strength or mobility
  • Pours boiling water safely and steadily every time
  • Now in 4 different colour configurations
Link to Uccello Feature Page
K Care - Uccello Tipping Kettle


K Care Cane Range (new)
  • Range of different cane styles (T-handle, Swan Neck, and Folding canes)
  • Range of different ferules (Quad Foot, X-Cane, and Steady Tip)
  • Soft grip and wrist strap for security
Link to Cane Range Feature page
New Products

Webequ Knife Range
  • Award-winning Danish designs for people with reduced shoulder and arm strength 
  • Anti-slip soft-touch grip - with non-stick stainless steel blades
  • 3 different knives available - Chefs, Vegetable and Bread
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Webequ Chefs Knife
Webequ Vegetable Knife
Webequ Bread Knife


One Touch Jar Opener 
  • Open lids with the touch of a button
  • Ideal for people that have reduced hand strength
  • No need to hold the jar whilst in operation
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One Touch Automatic Jar Opener
also available
One Touch Automatic Can Opener
One Touch Twizzoff Bottle Opener​​​

Classic Pro Reacher
  • Magnetic tip and dressing post
  • Designed to avoid finger and wrist strain
  • Non-slip grip for firmer hold
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Classic Pro Reacher - Long
Classic Pro Reacher Folding - Short


Digital Orientation LED Calendar Day Clock 
  • Non-abbreviated day, date and time to reduce confusion
  • Easy to read text and font (8 different languages available)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
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12" Digital LED Calendar Day Clock
10" Digital LED Calendar Day Clock

K Care Touch Lamp with round shade
  • An attractive, easy-to-use round touch lamp - to help prevent nighttime falls
  • Brushed chrome base - with matte opal plastic diffuser
  • To suit 40w globes
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Touch Lamp with Round Shade

Deluxe Bowls Seat Walker 
  • Large wheels with rounded edges to minimise impact on the greens
  • Lightweight foldable frame for easy storage
  • Extra-wide polyurethane seat 
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Deluxe Bowls Seat Walker - Charcoal​​​

Karma Wheelchair Range (available in Qld, NSW, and ACT)
  • A wide range of both powered and manual configurations 
  • Ultra-lightweight, folding, attendant propelled or self-propelled style wheelchair
  • Range of accessories to complement user requirements
Link to Karma Wheelchairs Feature page
​​​​Karma Wheelchairs​​​