K Care Community Support Program

Each year, thousands of people living with hardships don’t have access to products and services to support their individual needs.  
Each year, companies carry surplus stock that, if not allocated for distribution can end up in landfills.

Pairing a problem with an innovative solution is where K Care Healthcare Solutions shines, and where the establishment of the K Care Community Support Program was founded.

The foundations for K Care as a business are cemented in fostering community, enabling accessibility, and leading with innovation. To bring solutions to people with disability, illness, or age; through products, design, and technology.

In 2021, K Care identified there was a growing need for under-resourced community groups and not-for-profit organisations to be supplied with fundamental resources that would enrich people's everyday lives.
K Care established the K Care Community Support Program to further its commitment to the community and strengthen its partnerships with local businesses and healthcare services.

In launching, K Care partnered with The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul, supplying 270 new mattresses to the Salvo’s that will be distributed through stores for fundraising activities and available free of charge for people on the Salvo’s Community Program, and 5000 Ezyups dressing assistance devices to St Vincent de Paul.

Through donating products to mark the inception of the K Care Community Support Program, K Care continues its commitment to the community and the company mission to ensure people living with disabilities, regardless of who or where - have access to healthcare solutions to help them thrive in everyday life.