Ward & Theatre Equipment

OxfordEME originally started out manufacturing stainless steel products in 1949. Our manufacturing facilities located at Eastern Creek, New South Wales develop the OxfordEME range of medical equipment for hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes throughout Australia and overseas.

OxfordEme is a powerful and innovative product range that represents a commitment to ongoing investment in the Australian manufacturing industry.

Stainless steel and powder-coated zinc steels are uniquely bent and welded in such a way to make them highly durable and practical in maintaining a germ-free environment.

The best ideas come from you, the people in the health industry. Together we can make new innovative equipment combining your ideas and our technical knowledge. We enjoy the challenge of producing practical equipment, which is easy to use, and uncomplicated in design.

Our team of sales specialists can work with you to design your hospital equipment to your exact specifications. Our design engineers will transform your idea into a computer model for evaluation before proceeding to manufacture. This process of prescription manufacturing whereby we design and manufacture to meet your specific needs has been the spawning ground for new, industry-leading ideas and standards.