New Market Release - Kahlo Lift Recliner

Thursday, 3 February 2022

The Alivio Masterpiece collection proudly presents the latest addition to its highly successful lift recliner range - the Kahlo

The Masterpiece collection pays homage to the great masters - Michelangelo, Picasso, Donatello, and Leonardo, and now to one of the 20th Century's outstanding and influential creators - Frida Kahlo. 

Kahlo was revered for her love of life and having a good time - the same spirit that we want customers to experience with the new Kahlo lift recliner.  

The Kahlo is a full-featured lift and tilt recliner - that is powered by 3 motors to lift/tilt, powered head, back, and feet rest. 

What sets this lift recliner apart is its price - the Kahlo is priced to ensure that it's within financial reach of more consumers that require the additional support and mobility assistance when required.

The Kahlo is feature-packed.
Power Headrest
The individually adjustable head support allows you to lift or lower the position of the headrest providing a higher level of adjustment for your neck and back.
Power Backrest and Power Footrest
With a dual lift system, it allows you to individually adjust the backrest and the footrest for the position that best fits the clinical needs of the client.
Lay-flat recliner
The recliner can fully recline which allows the customer to adjust body positions regularly to alleviate pressure points.
Easy to use hand controller
Large, soft-touch buttons make it easy to move effortlessly between full recline and full stand positions - as well as make head, back and footrest adjustments when required.
Ultra-durable fabrics
The Kahlo lift recliner is designed with ultra-durable fabrics  to provide superior levels of comfort and longevity to comfort and support for many years.

For more information please visit - KA557 Product page